Our Mission

To advance healthcare education for communities with healthcare information barriers.

Health literacy skills are an important asset for maintaining or improving health.  Individuals with low health literacy skills are less healthy, less able to deal with chronic disease, have less knowledge of healthy practices, and may have difficulty reading and understanding information on medications or hospital forms.

Our Vision

To provide insular or healthcare illiterate communities with relevant, timely, accurate, evidence based education through a well-run and efficient nonprofit corporation that is responsive to its research and education objectives.

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Back in 2000, physicians and parents sighed with relief, as measles was considered eradicated in the U.S. But that relief, unfortunately, was premature — the U.S. is currently experiencing what is likely the second-biggest [...]


NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Two separate measles outbreaks in Brooklyn and Rockland County are centered in Orthodox Jewish communities, prompting the Health Department to step up efforts in educating people about the importance [...]


It was October 31, a balmy day in Brooklyn, and Alexander Arroyo was walking around his neighborhood dressed as an octopus, pushing his 2-month-old daughter in a carriage, as his wife chased their toddler [...]

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