recent study conducted in Israel and Michigan found that vaccinating children reduces the risk of hospitalization for complications associated with the flu by 54%.

This study joins other studies which had similar findings: that the flu shot will reduce one’s chances of in-hospital death among patients, reduce ICU admission, and shorten ICU length of stay among patients who were vaccinated with the flu shot but still caught the flu.

This study found that compared to unvaccinated children, children who were fully vaccinated with the flu shot were 74% or 82% less likely to be admitted to a PICU for influenza compared to PICU controls or community controls, respectively.

Then there is this study which also found that children vaccinated with the flu shot had lower death rates from influenza-proven illness.

These studies are done simply: when children (or adults) are admitted to the hospital with the flu, the researchers checked whether they had received the flu vaccine. Then they monitored how the patients did: whether they were discharged quickly, whether they developed complications, whether they needed the intensive care unit (ICU), and how long they remained there. And of course, they recorded whether their patients died. Then they compared these outcomes to children or adults who were admitted with the flu, but who were not vaccinated.

The results speak for themselves: get your flu shot!

Find more studies with the same findings below:

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