EMES nurses know that parents want to make healthy and safe decisions for themselves and their families. However, we know that it can be difficult to find a trustworthy healthcare provider that has the time to answer their concerns and questions. We here to help by providing community-based education about the safety and necessity of childhood vaccinations, by phone, email, or in your own home.

  • We review, explain, and debunk common and uncommon vaccine myths
  • We provide data, studies, and handouts to allow parents to review the evidence directly
  • We provide as much time as needed to review questions and answers
  • We give parents the tools to critically analyze studies and scientific articles, and learn how to identify misinformation.
  • We can provide Yiddish-speaking nurses and physicians.
  • We can provide male nurses and physicians, for a male-only workshop.

If you would like to host a parent workshop, contact us at info@emesinitiative.org.

If you have questions about vaccine safety or recommendations, we can be reached at 1-347-669-EMES (337) or at info@emesinitiative.org.