Who Do We Serve?

The EMES Initiative serves all communities. The EMES Initiative respects all individuals and we provide full access to all our resources. We promote equal healthcare treatment and opportunity. We work to eliminate all forms of discrimination in healthcare promotion and prevention. We believe in providing true and reliable healthcare information to all community members to make healthy decisions.

What can EMES Do?

Elementary and Middle Schools: The EMES Initiative nurses can teach health in local area schools. We can develop educational materials and promote and implement coordinated school health programs for staff, students, and parents. Programs include activities that promote self care. 

High Schools & Community Adults: The EMES Initiative nurses can identify specific needs of adolescents and teach disease prevention, emotional health, first aid, safety, nutrition and eating issues, and human growth and development. Programs include weight control, substance abuse prevention, physical fitness, and stress management.

Health Care Settings: The EMES Initiative nurses can educate patients and auxiliary staff on medical procedures, therapeutic regimens, and beneficial health services. Topics include behavioral, cultural, or social barriers to health.

Community Organizations and Governmental Agencies: The EMES Initiative nurses can assess a community’s needs and mobilize resources to develop and implement strategies to address the issue. We can organize community outreach, develop, and produce mass health promotion campaigns.

Trusted Content

The EMES Initiative continually seeks to find the latest healthcare information to bring the most relevant, culturally appropriate, and updated evidence to the community.